More than renewable energy.
It’s a renewed way of thinking.

PCL Poised to
Build a Renewable
Energy Future

As part of the PCL family of companies, the PCL Renewable Energy Division brings a century-long track record of providing top-quality construction solutions to our customers in the emerging renewable energy sector.  We still operate under the same guiding principles that PCL was founded on more than a century ago, we continue to offer excellence and innovation through the unparalleled services that PCL has earned a reputation for, and innovation in our approach to safety has resulted in a track record that is several times better than industry average.  The Renewable Energy Division is focused on providing Balance of Plant (BOP) and Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) services for our customers in wind, solar, and bioenergy.

PCL Solar Power
  • Ground Mount
    • Fixed and Tracker
  • Pole Mount
  • Roof Mount
PCL Bio Energy
  • Green Field Plants
  • Biomass Plant Conversions
  • Biomass Fuel Handling / Processing
  • Cogeneration Facilities
PCL Wind Power
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Foundations
  • Civil & Electrical Works
  • EPC & BOP

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With the understanding that each renewable energy sector is different in technical nature, market maturity, and geographical location of the resource, PCL’s expertise and diverselocations throughout North America give us the resources and ability to offer renewable energy construction solutions to our customers.

For more than a century, PCL has been building trust and relationships through on schedule delivery, innovative problem solving, collaboration, and efficient/effective management processes.  We’ve earned a reputation for helping clients develop complex and difficult projects and delivering beyond expectation.  We are pleased to offer this same level of service to customers in the renewable energy market – because we share and support our customer’s commitment to exploring new technologies that are designed to reduce the North American carbon footprint.